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Gallery - Misc

Submission Box

Students put comics they're really proud of into this box. I decorated it using various templates I had lying around. These pictures were taken before I brought it into the library.

Since resting there, some kids started to color it. It also suffered a little damage from use. On May 23, about six months after the CCP had began, I took some pictures of the box in its condition after being used.

Can of Inspiration

Many of my students ran into writer's block. To help them, I created the Can of Inspiration. Kids reached in to pull out slips of paper with suggestions for topics, character personalities, and even snippets of dialogue. It was a very useful tool.

The can was decorated with a character from Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki. On the reverse side (not shown) was an "Avatar" comic by Johane Matte. This can was retired in June 2007 after being used quite often.

In December 2007, I needed a new Can of Inspiration, so I bought a plain red can from a crafts store. It was first used at the 12/29/07 Toonseum Workshop.

It lacks the first's fancy decorations for now, but it has a working lid.



These are pictures of the Children's Room of the New Haven Public Library, where the CCP is held. For a detailed explanation of the place, see the CCP Walkthrough video.

YMCA Summer

This is a panorama shot of the room where I held several sessions for the Pittsburgh YMCA's summer program.

YMCA Fall and Spring

This is a panorama of the cafeteria of Sunnyside Elementary, where the YMCA's after school program took place.


I made several fliers to advertise the CCP both at the New Haven Library and the Dixwell-Yale Community Learning Center.

Comics pictured in the fliers: Strange Candy, Questionable Content, Chugworth Academy, And Shine Heaven Now, Tsunami Channel, and Dinosaur Comics.

The CCP's first workshop at the Toonseum had its own flier, which was a variation of a previous one. The Children's Museum also distributed its own list of events.

This flier was used to advertise the first Comic Making Tournament:

Comics used: Strange Candy, Dr. McNinja, Questionable Content, and Chugworth Academy.

For the second Comic Making Tournament, there were multiple fliers:

Comics used: And Shine Heaven Now, Planet Karen, No Pink Ponies, Questionable Content, Planet Saturday Comics, Little Dee, Ghost Hunters, Tsunami Channel, Shortpacked, Lil' Mell, Strange Candy, Applegeeks, and Copper.

I made multiple fliers for the third Comic Making Tournament. The fliers were two sided, but I've only posted the front here:

Comics used: Three Panel Soul, And Shine Heaven Now, Hate Song, xkcd, Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki, Questionable Content, Okashina Okashi, Krakow, Diesel Sweeties, Dinosaur Comics, Chugworth Academy, Kastle Comics, Planet Karen, Zombies Calling, Sketchies, Versus Verses, Paradigm Shift, and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. I also used art from the CCP's own comic books.


As the comic project goes to various conventions across the country, pictures from the trips will be posted here.

Otakon 2008:

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